• Clean your luxury watch and smartwatch with ease

  • Sapuro®

  • Safe and gentle cleaning product for your watch, smartwatch and activity tracker.

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Making Sapuro

    We love watches and smartwatches. They're easy to wear, useful and fashionable. The problem with the things we wear a little too often, they get dirty! Small bacteria, sweat, and dust start to get on the watch, smartwatch or activity tracker. Luckily we have a powerful solution: Sapuro´s® watch spray. The Sapuro® cleaning solution is neutral and gentle for all kind of watches and smartwatches. Just spray the solution on a microfibre and wipe off the dirt!

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    Smartwatch spray

  • activity tracker cleaning spray

    Activity trackers

  • 3 IN 1

    Sapuro® spray: created to clean your luxury watch, smartwatch, and activity tracker

  • SAFE

    The active ingredients gently eliminates dirt and body oils in one sweep

  • FAST

    The powerful and gentle formula cleans and disinfects in less than 7 seconds


    Removes fingerprints from all your coated anti-reflective premium watch glasses


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